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Meanwhile, the Seljuks settled in Ağlasun, which is located below. In the 13th century AD, the last middle Byzantine castle on the Iskender hill is also destroyed and the life in the ancient city comes to an end. We enjoyed visiting the ancient city. We admired the works that were released. The abundance of flowers as of the season offered a different beauty to the ancient structures. The building at the entrance of the city has been arranged in European standards in a way that students can both learn and have fun. bibliothequeparis

We came to Ağlasun district and ate my toast and drank our tea under the plane tree in the center, we were quite tired. While walking, people do not realize that you are tired. Our route is Bucak district. To see the ancient city of Kremna and the caravanserais nearby. After a few hours’ journey, we reach the town of Bucak. We pass through the town, which is quite large, and go to the village on the hill nearby. Again, we see the marble quarries along the road. In the village, the sign of the ancient city catches our eye and we follow it. When we see a valley with a beautiful view below, we get out of the car and take our photos. checkergooglerank

There was no one in the building there. It is a newly built building, a place not opened to tourism. We walk for a long time, but we do not come across any ruins. Friends wanted to go back because there was no one around and it was hot. I, on the other hand, continued on my way with the thought that there might be remains, but when I thought that it might be a snake, I was not uneasy. After a while, I was very happy when I saw the structures, I immediately called my friends and informed them to see them. netsolution

All my fear was gone, meanwhile, when friends told me to be careful that someone moving strangely towards me, all I could do was change my course. Meanwhile, I realized that the city is very big and it takes a lot of time to bring it into tourism. After a short while, I saw the person they were talking about from afar, he noticed me and was waving at me from afar. In the meantime, I was relieved to see that their friends were coming. I added another ancient city to my list. What a rich country we had and we couldn’t use it enough. chanterelle

We came to Susuz inn in Susuz village near Bucak. Han Anatolian Seljuk period was one of the 13th century caravanserais. It had a rectangular plan close to a square and had a dome in the middle. The striking part of the inn was the arch-shaped entrance door on the west side. We looked inside the closed door and there was a huge gap. It’s obviously not appreciated in any way. We walk around the five-naved inn and leave. subsaharandrilling

We arrive at the İncir inn in İncirdere village, 6 km away from the town of Bucak. The sheep grazing in front of the inn made a beautiful composition. I took photo frames without scaring them. As we enter the inn, which was built in the 13th century by one of the Anatolian Seljuk sultans, Gıyasettin Keyhüsrev Bin Keykubat, the inscription on the crown door draws our attention. In addition, the side panels of the door are decorated with various geometric patterns without leaving any empty space. the inn; We understand from the ruins in the courtyard that it was used in two parts as a courtyard and an indoor space. The inside of the inn is quite large. metro-montreal

Now we complete our route today and return to Burdur. It was about to be in the evening. We were approaching the end of our trip. However, even though our bodies were tired, we were not aware of this yet with the excitement of seeing new beautiful places. We are walking around the city center in the evening. Now the last route of our trip, we are going to İnsuyu cave and Salda lake today. We’re leaving early. First we go to İnsuyu cave, but we learn that it is closed for renovations. 200iso

We continue on our way with the excitement of seeing Salda Lake, one of the corners of paradise introduced as Turkey’s Maldives, by saying that it is an economic loss for the region as it is closed during the tourism period. We reach the lake, which is near the Yeşilova district, one of the most remote districts of Burdur, after a 3-hour journey. The green color of the lake is very beautiful, but we haven’t seen the Maldives in the photos yet. While we sit at the lakeside facility and sip our coffees, we rest our eyes. We learn from the waiters that ‘Lake Salda is the favorite place of Arab sheikhs’. We get the directions of the way we can go to see the lake view in the photos and leave from there. word-press

We park our car on the road and walk to the lake. The turquoise blue of the lake and the white color of the beach really give it the right to be called Turkey’s Maldives. We turn our surprised and admiring glances and prepare to enter the lake as soon as possible. The absence of anyone gives the lake a different peace. As soon as our feet step into the sand, we sink up to our knees. The shallow place suddenly becomes deep. It’s not sand that looks white, it’s clay mud. After swimming for a while, we pour the mud on our faces and into our bodies. As it dries, we feel that our skin is stretched. As we turn into mud sculptures, we take lots of photos by giving interesting poses to the camera.labastide-saint-pierre